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  • Gull Vader Fanette Mask


    Gull Vader Fanette Mask


    The Gull Vader Fanette Mask is the latest addition of superior mask in the Gull family. Adopting similar features to the Vader series, the lens are tinted to provide you with better colour contrast underwater. The difference is that now it has a smaller frame and is highly suitable for ladies. Besides that, the lens’ UV protection has been also upgraded to an amazing UV 420 cut. This, thus, protects you form the harmful HEV (high- energy visible light in 400 to 420 nm spectrum) which causes oxidative stress and deterioration of lutein.

    Being a single lens mask, it offers you a better vision experience. Moreover, the mask frames comes with a slight inclination of 9.5 degrees, thus allowing you to see more of your lower profile without having to rotate your head too much while underwater. The mask is also low in volume, which means you’ll have easier time when performing clearing or equalisation.

    The Gull Vader Fanette also now comes with a brand new lip design. Making it even less prone to leakage, as the skirting now sits in perfectly on your cheeks when worn. So, now you can truly have a peace of mind while diving!


  • Tusa M32 Imprex 3D Hyperdry Mask is a re-design of TUSA’s very popular Tusa TM-8000Q Imprex Hyperdry, but with several key improvements. The Tusa M-32 features TUSA’s patented Hyperdry System which allows for easy, no-nonsense clearing of the mask with a single exhalation. Additionally, the Tusa Imprex 3D Hyperdry incorporates side windows for enhanced panoramic and peripheral vision and TUSA’s patented round-edge skirt for greater comfort and fit. Like all TUSA masks, the Tusa M-32 offers a wide range of features to enhance comfort and provide clarity of vision while underwater.

  • The Bonito Sport MK401 Mask is a highly durable and affordable mask. Moreover, it provides you with the option to fit in corrective lenses or reading lenses. Corrective lens comes with values of -1.0 to -9.0 (with increments of 0.5). While reading lenses comes in the values of +1.0 to +3.0.

    Material Used

    Made of silicone, the mask is extremely comfortable to wear. It is soft to the skin and sits in nicely on most faces. The buckle is also armed with the technology to let you easily adjust mask strap to your preferred length. Its folding ability also makes it great for technical and travelling purposes.

    Highly suitable for divers who are just starting out in the sport of diving or experienced divers who are on a budget constraint.

  • Technical Features

    • Dual colored frameless single-lens design for significantly increased field of vision
    • Crystal clear double sealed silicone skirt for superior fit and comfort.
    • Low volume design for easy clearing.
    • Non-slip strap with easy adjustable buckle.
    • Tempered glass lens.
  • Gull Vader Mask UV420


    Gull Vader Mask UV420


    Gull Vader Mask is made 100% in Japan, the mask are available in any colours for both male and female divers. With several colours to choose from, we are sure that there will be one suitable for your next underwater adventure.

    The mask is absolutely stunning for divers whom wants an great selfie. The UV420 cut lens offers superb underwater vision. As the mask does not have a mask bridge. It offers a superb vision for all divers.

    Gull Vader Mask will block 98% of the UV light on land and underwater. UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C wavelength. The blockage will also take away the glare of the visible light.

    The mask offers a low volume design, which allow the divers to clear the mask effortlessly. The DX buckle system allows divers to adjust the mask easily on surface and underwater.

  • -Raked lenses provide excellent field-of-view

    -Inverted tear-drop lenses improve downward visibility for managing BC-mounted gear

    -Low internal volume allows for effortless clearing

    -Crystal Silicone resists aging and prevents skirt discolouration and fogging

    -Ribbed skirt design provides support where needed for a soft, flexible fit

    -Micrometric adjustable buckles allow precise headband adjustments

    -Swivelling buckles connect to flexible, indestructible elastomer tabs for total durability and comfort

    -Accepts optical lenses (Available on pre-order only)