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    • New-generation Trufit technology uses two skirts for creating a comfortable, watertight seal.
    • Main skirt offers a thin and soft silicone material for the best possible fit, seal and comfort against the skin.
    • Outer skirt, made with firmer silicone, provides support and rigidity where needed.
    • Trufit technology can be identified by its unique ribbing texture.
    • Ultra-clear glass provides a bright and clear view of the underwater world.
    • Quick-release buckles attach to tabs on the skirt to optimize range of motion when dialing in fit.
    • Buckle tabs are flexible, enabling the mask to be folded flat for traveling.
    • A choice of black or clear skirts lets you match your mask to your individual diving style.
    • Mask frame is spray painted for that premium look.
  • Called the most comfortable dive mask on the market, you have only to try on a SYNERGY 2 TRUFIT to feel the difference. Made with SCUBAPRO’s new-generation Trufit technology, its double-skirt design molds to the contours of the face for maximum comfort while providing a watertight seal.

    In addition to being super comfortable, the SYNERGY 2 TRUFIT’s single lens design provides excellent field of view, both horizontally and vertically, and its buckle and strap system is easy to use. The rotating buckles attach to tabs on the skirt rather than on the frame. This optimizes strap angle when dialing in fit, plus it enables the mask to be folded flat for easy packing.

    • Scubapro Synergy TRUFIT Twin Mirrored Mask:
    • TRUFIT Ultra-Soft Skirt Technically-Developed to Fit Any-and-Every Face Shape
    • Unique-Rigidity Allows Perfect Seal and Comfort
    • Two-Different Thicknesses:
      Thicker-&-Firmer, w/Matt-Finish Near Mask Frame; Provides Needed Support & Rigidity
      Silicone Contouring Face is Thinner Giving Softer-Feeling, for Truly-Unique Fit & Seal
    • New Generation TRUFIT Skirt:
      High Quality Silicone Skirt
      Total-Comfort and Sophisticated Simplicity
      Unique Ribbing Texture
    • Tested-by-Demanding Divers: Improved-Upon Before-Ever Hitting-the-Market
    • Double Feathered Edge Silicone Skirt
    • Wide Split Style Silicone Rubber Mask Strap
    • Feathered Edge and Strap Combined for Perfect Seal on Face
    • Dual Tempered Glass Lens Design
    • Maximum Underwater Vision and Intake of Light
    • Ultra Clear Mirrored Lenses:
      Standard Glass has Green Tint from Iron Impurities
      Green Tint Distorts True Colors & Blocks-Out Light Reaching Eye
      Ultra-Clear; Optical Quality Tempered Glass, Exceptional Clarity & High Light Transmission
      No Color Distortion
      Maximizes Light Available for Improved Visual Acuity
    • Better Vision, Truer Colors
    • Mirrored Lenses:
      Provide Protection from Glare on Surface
      Great Visual Experience for New to Most-Experienced Divers
    • Easy to Adjust Swivel Buckle System
    • Easy-to-Reach One-Hand Nose Pocket for Ear Equalization
    • Protective Mask Box
    • Excellent Mask is Essential to Premium Diving Adventures:
      Try a TRUFIT Mask, and Feel-the-Difference
    • Feel-One w/Your Environment, One-w/Your-Element: Water
  • The Cressi Duke Dry Full-Face Mask is the snorkeling visor that allows you to explore the underwater world from the surface. Duke offers a natural breathing experience due to the absence of any valve (patent pending), and a fog-free vision obtained by the lateral deflector mechanism (patent pending). A lateral air channel system, for inhaling and exhaling, drastically eliminates any breathing effort thanks to a reduced airflow length circulation (patent pending). The face skirt is made of soft hypoallergenic silicone that ensure comfort and a perfect seal. The snorkel top has a floating valve that closes the tube when submerged avoiding entry of water. The two x-cross straps are easy to adjust for a perfect adaption to your head. Frame and visor made of polycarbonate. The Duke is entirely designed and developed in Italy by Cressi.

  • Features:

    • Pure Silicone skirt & strap
    • Low profile design
    • Super anti-fog treatment
    • UV protection
    • Quick-fit rear buckle system
  • A single lens offering an expansive field of view, combined with an ultra-soft silicone skirt that seals tight against the face without sacrificing comfort, makes the Burano mask a reliable choice for avid scuba divers. The easy-grab nose pocket makes for easy equalizing, and a skirt-mounted buckle system ensures the perfect fit.

  • OMS Tattoo Mask


    OMS Tattoo Mask


    The OMS Tattoo Mask is a one Window frameless mask with an ultra low volume. Available in either Ultra Clear Glass or with UV coated Lenses!

  • Tired of not being able to see well underwater? Can’t read your computer or gauges? Maybe you not sure what F-Stop you are setting your camera on? If these are problems for you when diving you need to get a set of Diopter lenses for your dive mask.

  • Tired of not being able to see well underwater? Can’t read your computer or gauges? Maybe you not sure what F-Stop you are setting your camera on? If these are problems for you when diving you need to get a set of Diopter lenses for your dive mask.

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