Everything You Need
to Dive

Dive Gears

  • Sharing the design scheme of the new D-Series D420 regulator, the new D-Mask is a sleek, premium mask well-suited for all types of diving. The mask features true color UV protective lenses that deliver the best balance of surface protection and underwater clarity. It also features an interchangeable lens system for optional optical lenses. Offering a comfortable fit and a wide field of view, the D-Mask is available in black with blue accents to match the D420 regulator’s color scheme. It comes with a choice of black or clear skirts in two sizes: Medium and Small, and there’s also a Wide skirt available in black only.

  • Cressi SF1 Mask

    • This frameless single glass mask is made of trendy shiny silicone and has a very small internal volume.
    • Rigorous and squared design suitable even for demanding divers.
    • Fits most face shapes.
    • Buckle with micrometric adjustment system.
  • Gull Naida Mask


    Gull Naida Mask

    • WIDE SIGHT IS SECURED : Inclination 10 degrees
    • SOFT TOUCH : Skirt with curled lip and integrated strap clip
    • NO STRESS : Soft damper
    • WIDER FIELD OF VIEW : Low volume
    • EASY ADJUST : DX spec mask buckle
  • Technical features:

    •     Slanted lenses Big Eyes system
    •     Folding and tilting 100% buckles anchored to the frame
    •     Available in black silicone and Crystal
    •     Internal volume 95 cm3
    •     Weight: 125 g
  • Cressi Zeus Mask


    – Inclined lenses according to the Big Eyes system

    – 100% folding and tilting buckles anchored to the frame

    – Weight: 125 g

    • Professional Divers Mask
    • Recommended for UW Photography Professionals and Diving Instructors
    • Reinforced Tri-Mix Frame
    • Freedom Fit II
    • Advanced Buckle Adjust System
    • AR/UV420 Lenses: Lens Treatment Decreases Internal/External Reflected Light, Reduction Increases Light, Transmission to 95%, Enhanced Color, Clarity, Contrast & Better Overall Vision U/W, Superior Clarity, Color & Transmission of Light Over Standard Glass Lens and Up to 15% of Available Light Lost w/Standard Glass Lens
    • Revolutionary Freedom Technology: Provides Superior Fit, Comfort and Performance & Superior Design, Built Quality, Materials and Frame Construction
    • Dimpled Skirt Surface with Varied Silicone Thicknesses Stability Ridges
    • Easy-to-Reach One-Hand Nose Pocket for Ear Equalization
    • Low Profile Design
    • Tempered Safety Glass Lens
    • Mask Box
    • Multiple Color Choices
    • Dual lens frameless design offers the lowest possible internal volume, plus it compresses under pressure, an big advantage during deep freediving descents.
    • Flat, Ultra Clear, scratch-resistant glass guarantees an undistorted view of the underwater world.
    • Premium supple silicone comfortably fits a range of faces.
    • Rotating buckles work with a micro-adjustable strap to achieve a comfortable, watertight fit.

    Note: with the Steel Comp, as water pressure increases the bridge between the lenses bends slightly and squeezes the mask tighter to the face. The only noticeable indication of this is a brief change in vision as the eyes need a split second to adjust. However, because of this the Steel Comp is not recommended for scuba diving.